Complementary to any care you are already receiving, sessions are tailored to each client’s requirements. Together we focus on bringing harmony to, and improving function of, the client’s body, mind and spirit.

Improvements are regularly noticed in:

  • less physical pain
  • greater flexibility
  • improved emotional stability
  • increased energy
  • more and easier productivity
  • greater ease in achieving individual goals

Sessions last 1 – 1.25 hours and normally require clients to lay fully clothed on a comfortable massage table. Treatments can also be conducted seated or standing depending on the client’s needs.

Each session searches for the sources and removal of energetic blockages to vibrant health. It is difficult to describe the process because each session is unique, however it is simple and fascinating to experience!

Because of Denise’s extensive training in a wide array of modalities, she unpacks the priorities for each client at every session with completely customized treatments. Work takes place on physical structure, brain integration, meridian and chakra balancing in various ratios during each session. Any improvement at one level is often observed to improve other areas of the clients life even when specific focus on some the other areas wasn’t offered in the treatment.

Safe, effective, and speedy results are what Specialized Kinesiology is all about. If individualized treatment for issues no one else can figure out is what you are looking for, then Denise’s treatments could be for you. No two sessions are ever alike, as you discover how your body can talk!
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Workshops Offered

Denise is an internationally certified instructor of Touch For Health, Applied Physiology foundational Agape Quest workshops, Circuits Alive Muscle Tuning™, and Brain Formatting.

She tailors presentations for each audience’s needs, offers material in logical bites, and has endless patience for questions. Students get to listen, watch, read and practice everything at least once! All classes are fun and information packed. Students always leave with hands-on knowledge, a workshop manual, and lots of ideas. Beginner students regularly send her emails about their successes with the techniques they have learned. Easing physical, emotional, and mental pain, and improving freedom in many life areas can definitely be learned and mastered with some practice. As an instructor, Denise’s goal is to enable each of her students to make positive changes in their lives and those whom they will work with. Denise also provides her students with ‘Practice Days’ where they can come and practice their new knowledge with each other and refine their technique under her guidance.

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